Hey! I’m Ashley. Thanks for being here. 

I am a personal essayist. I have been professionally writing for 9 years. I nailed down my craft in college, thanks to a creative writing course that I took, which spawned out of the need to cope with a relationship. I write about my experiences, interpersonal relationships, human behavior, and mental health. My avenue has always been to deal with life’s issues with a sense of humor, mixed with tons of love, a tinge of anger, and tons of analysis. Writing is my tool to heal. 

My writing led me to do a bit of stand-up, which was awesome. Ultimately, I moved, got married, and was super happy, so I’ve stuck with writing.

I am now a mother to a toddler, still a wife, so I write when I can, which is never enough, but hey, priorities.

If you’re here for your first time, check out “Sweet Creatures,” it is my newest piece, that is also still in process for the reason mentioned above. Sweet Creatures deals with the trifecta of what I write about: relationships, mental health, and human behavior. 

Right now, (I am a writer, I go where I need to go) I write weekly on various mental health issues, Tuesday’s, and book resources, Thursday’s. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read and feel free to get in touch!

All love.



Here’s the professional blurb:

Ashley Kelly-Holden is a personal essay writer.

Her notably published essay, “You Want Me To Do What?” was the launching point for her voice. Her pieces highlight her profound and hilarious observations of her relationships and the lessons she has learned from them. Her hopes in writing are to get it all out and to help others on their path feel less alone.

Ashley currently resides on the central coast with her husband and daughter.

Instagram: @heartfarter


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