Narcissism: What’s Next?

Hey All! Ending the Narcissism series, that was never intended to be a series. I went where I was led. Examining and researching narcissism brought me back to an old reality of which I often peer back on with nostalgia. I romanticize the good times and forgive and forg- (chaos is a mode I understand… Continue reading Narcissism: What’s Next?

Narcissism: If You Stay With A Narcissist

If you stay. WOW! Good luck? It’s literally the worst. What I can say is to choose or have to stay in a relationship (children, financial reasons, religion, etc.) like this takes a lot of fucking balls. A lot. It’s not a “relationship” for the faint of heart. Quite frankly, it isn’t a real relationship.… Continue reading Narcissism: If You Stay With A Narcissist