Narcissism: What’s Next?

Hey All! Ending the Narcissism series, that was never intended to be a series. I went where I was led. Examining and researching narcissism brought me back to an old reality of which I often peer back on with nostalgia. I romanticize the good times and forgive and forg- (chaos is a mode I understand… Continue reading Narcissism: What’s Next?

Narcissism: Should I Leave Part IV

Good Morning All! This is the final post on Leaving a Narcissistic Relationship and it’s centered all around you and healing (which I will share more about next week). Being honest with yourself and having awareness surrounding the relationship is crucial. All the hope we’ve blinded ourselves with and the investment can make this very… Continue reading Narcissism: Should I Leave Part IV

Narcissism: Should I Leave Part III

Good Morning! Digging a bit deeper today on the topic of Leaving a Narcissistic Relationship. One thing I want to add to this post is that in no way should anyone feel pressured to leave a narcissistic relationship before you/they are ready. When it is ENOUGH you will know. When it becomes too painful to… Continue reading Narcissism: Should I Leave Part III

Narcissism: Should I Leave?

Happy Friday, y’all!   Today starts the final push into the end of talking about narcissism in relationships, and what better way to do that than to talk about leaving the narcissistic relationship?!?!   I am breaking this down into a few posts because there is a lot that goes into leaving this type of… Continue reading Narcissism: Should I Leave?

Narcissism: If You Stay With A Narcissist Part II

This is the final post for this subtopic. If this topic resonates with you, I strongly encourage you to pick up Dr. Ramani’s book. She goes into waaaaaay more detail than I can possibly sum up on such a nuanced and personal topic. I have found myself staying with a narcissist before and it’s exhausting.… Continue reading Narcissism: If You Stay With A Narcissist Part II

Codependency and Empathy

So today obviously is a post about Codependency and Empathy. Yay!!!  Personally, it took me a long time to understand what codependency meant, how I interacted with it, and how it affected my thinking/feelings, and thus my actions. I unknowingly enmeshed codependency and empathy with love and caring. This entanglement often kept me repeating suffering… Continue reading Codependency and Empathy

Cocktails and Garth Brooks: A Brief on Resiliency

While in my earlier relationships, my therapists, friends, parents; shit, most everyone, but my earlier partners would always tell me how “resilient” I was. It was a little hit of dopamine because it was internalized validation that I was doing something right.    My resiliency, combined with endless well-shots of hope, was a blessing and… Continue reading Cocktails and Garth Brooks: A Brief on Resiliency


    My daughter is currently obsessed with shadows. We often play a game, when we’re outside, in which I make her shadow “disappear” simply by casting my obviously larger shadow over hers. In my twenties, I unknowingly played this game all the time. I dated people who casted larger more complicated shadows and I… Continue reading Untitled