Defining and understanding narcissism.

Book Post: “Almost Everything: Notes on Hope” – Anne Lamott

A brief on Anne Lamott’s book, “Almost Everything: Notes on Hope”

Cocktails and Garth Brooks: A Brief on Resiliency

While in my earlier relationships, my therapists, friends, parents; shit, most everyone, but my earlier partners would always tell me how “resilient” I was. It was a little hit of dopamine because it was internalized validation that I was doing something right.    My resiliency, combined with endless well-shots of hope, was a blessing and… Continue reading Cocktails and Garth Brooks: A Brief on Resiliency


    My daughter is currently obsessed with shadows. We often play a game, when we’re outside, in which I make her shadow “disappear” simply by casting my obviously larger shadow over hers. In my twenties, I unknowingly played this game all the time. I dated people who casted larger more complicated shadows and I… Continue reading Untitled

You Want Me To Do What?

I wrote this back in 2012. I was in my mid-twenties. It serves as a commentary on porn and how it affected various relationships external of me. Examining the physical expectations as well as the mental mind fuckery of being objectified.


To Jerry, I am in the wrong either way. If I love sincerely, I am wrong. If I use my voice and don’t advert my eyes, I am wrong. Instead of staying true to Jerry, I am being true to myself.

Sweet Creatures – Part III

We decided to meet up the next day, Friday, for lunch. He drove out towards my house, which was welcome since I had driven out the day before; although it was the start of Labor Day weekend in Los Angeles. He told me he could meet from 12 – 3pm. We planned to meet at… Continue reading Sweet Creatures – Part III

Sweet Creatures – Part I

Making Amends.