Sweet Creatures – Part IV

We excitedly texted about meeting up again for another lunch. We both got caught up. Even exchanged Joe Dirt gifs. I felt like I had my friend back. Felt oddly validated when he texted,  “I kinda hate how much I enjoy your company.” Our hearts and heads had been closed off from each other for… Continue reading Sweet Creatures – Part IV


To Jerry, I am in the wrong either way. If I love sincerely, I am wrong. If I use my voice and don’t advert my eyes, I am wrong. Instead of staying true to Jerry, I am being true to myself.

Sweet Creatures – Part III

We decided to meet up the next day, Friday, for lunch. He drove out towards my house, which was welcome since I had driven out the day before; although it was the start of Labor Day weekend in Los Angeles. He told me he could meet from 12 – 3pm. We planned to meet at… Continue reading Sweet Creatures – Part III

Sweet Creatures – Part II

Slight digression.  I met Jerry on December 20th, 2003; I was 17 and in high school, and he was 19 and a musician. We spent the better part of eight years together. In the first year and a half, I was given a promise ring one night at a fancy romantic dinner. Shortly after that… Continue reading Sweet Creatures – Part II

Sweet Creatures – Part I

Making Amends.

I think my empathy got to me.

I promised a story. A story I have written. But, I think my empathy got to me. My salacious story about my ex boyfriend. Jerry. He is the only character that I write about or have written about. I told him when I saw him that he, “was like a cancer in my brain that… Continue reading I think my empathy got to me.

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Past As Present

I am here again Reality fades out of focus The past and present begin to blend I am ruminating in the memory of what we had The memory of what I wish we never had Our lives could have been different If we would have tried But we remained the same Burning scars unto one… Continue reading Past As Present


  My name is Ashley. In the sum of a short introduction to those who do not know me – I am an endless ponderer. A searcher for meaning, understanding and truth. I sift. I mull over every detail and incident in my life to satisfy and insatiable appetite for understanding of my responsibility in… Continue reading Hello.