Narcissism – What It Feels Like To Be In A Relationship

  I have vacillated back and forth on what to share about what it’s like to be in a relationship with a narcissist. I have shared a lot on my relational experiences (on my website) that encompass what it was like for me to be in such a relationship. It down right blows to be… Continue reading Narcissism – What It Feels Like To Be In A Relationship

What Attracts Us To Narcissists?

I could talk at length about every slide here because I have borne witness to each of these facets and have fallen for almost all of them. However, I have written at length about my relational experience. So if you are interested in seeing that more fleshed out, you can read pretty much anything I… Continue reading What Attracts Us To Narcissists?

Narcissism II

Part II Narcissism: Traits and Origins


Defining and understanding narcissism.

Codependency and Empathy

So today obviously is a post about Codependency and Empathy. Yay!!!  Personally, it took me a long time to understand what codependency meant, how I interacted with it, and how it affected my thinking/feelings, and thus my actions. I unknowingly enmeshed codependency and empathy with love and caring. This entanglement often kept me repeating suffering… Continue reading Codependency and Empathy

Cocktails and Garth Brooks: A Brief on Resiliency

While in my earlier relationships, my therapists, friends, parents; shit, most everyone, but my earlier partners would always tell me how “resilient” I was. It was a little hit of dopamine because it was internalized validation that I was doing something right.    My resiliency, combined with endless well-shots of hope, was a blessing and… Continue reading Cocktails and Garth Brooks: A Brief on Resiliency


Personification can get you stuck, unable to heal, move forward, feeling unworthy, and full of self-doubt. Even if the intention is good.


    My daughter is currently obsessed with shadows. We often play a game, when we’re outside, in which I make her shadow “disappear” simply by casting my obviously larger shadow over hers. In my twenties, I unknowingly played this game all the time. I dated people who casted larger more complicated shadows and I… Continue reading Untitled

You Want Me To Do What?

I wrote this back in 2012. I was in my mid-twenties. It serves as a commentary on porn and how it affected various relationships external of me. Examining the physical expectations as well as the mental mind fuckery of being objectified.

Sweet Creatures – Part IV

We excitedly texted about meeting up again for another lunch. We both got caught up. Even exchanged Joe Dirt gifs. I felt like I had my friend back. Felt oddly validated when he texted,  “I kinda hate how much I enjoy your company.” Our hearts and heads had been closed off from each other for… Continue reading Sweet Creatures – Part IV